Version 1.1 and Beyond

Posted on 24 Jul 08 by Raanan Bar-Cohen

First of all, thanks for all the feedback people have sent in — we really appreciate it.

Our first priority is to fix all the bugs, and once the app is stable and bug-free start looking at adding new features.  Here are a few notes about the bug fixes, source code, getting involved, roadmap, and when to expect an update.


We’ve identified two bugs which are now being fixed:

  1. Certain multi-byte characters (ex: Æ, Ø, Å ) cause the app to crash and make it impossible to add a blog
  2. The way the app creates theme previews is interfering with a plugin which causes a one-time blank post to be published to Twitter and possibly to 3rd party RSS services

Source Code

The source code is now available via SVN.  You can browse at or point your SVN client to the latest trunk  The 1.0 release is what’s in the Apple iTunes store right now,,  and “trunk” will be where you’ll find the latest development build.  If you’ve never heard of SVN, a good place to start is on

Getting involved

Lots of you have contacted us wanting to get involved in this project.  The best way to is go through trac and participate in defining new features, identifying and squashing bugs, and contributing code.  The login system uses the registration.  Make sure to download the free SDK so you can run the latest build in the iPhone simulator.


The 1.1 release will focus on fixing bugs, and 1.2 will begin assessing adding of new features such as landscape mode, page support and further down the road, comment moderation.  You can track the discussion and the development status here:

Next Update

We are testing a build right now that fixes the two main bugs, and will push out that update in a few short days.  You can test the latest build via SVN and by downloading the SDK from and running the iPhone simulator.  Once that update is live in the iTunes App store we’ll post an announcement here.

And please be sure to read the FAQ which we update regularly, and check out the list of current known issues.

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83 Responses to “Version 1.1 and Beyond”

  1. Dan

    Thanks Raanan ;)

  2. Michael Bach

    How are you able to publish the source code? Doesn’t this fall under the NDA?

  3. Alex

    You know, that 0,0000000000000000001 per cent or all people one the planet (that is you) will have a use for this plugin, right?

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  5. Moises Kirsch


    For me there are 2 features missing that I don’t see in the roadmap:

    - Searching for old posts to edit (not only the last # posts)
    - Custom Fields

    My coding abilities are a little rusted right now… is there another way I can help to make this features into the list for the next milestones?

  6. Jon Wright

    Works a treat!! Can see this taking off big style.
    Would be nice to be able to wrap text around an image ;-)

    Brilliant work and many thanks!!


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  10. sweatertest

    Really cool stuff. Congratulations on getting the project out the door and, most importantly, keeping the commitment to open source it.

  11. Matt

    Moises, I think both of those are good ideas. I’ve filed enhancements for both on the 1.2 milestone:

  12. Moises Kirsch

    Thanks Matt!

    Custom fields are becoming popular with so many themes that use a feature image or thumbnail that combined with the iPhone camera I can think of very cool things to do. (I actually use them for custom data such as URLs and Phone numbers).

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  14. Justin

    I am completely impressed with this app. Huge kudos for the work and the decision to share the source. It will be great to see this sort of extension to the WP platform drive adoption. Good work!

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  19. Daniel M.

    Well I guess I *have* to get an iPod Touch, now.

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  21. Will Park

    Awesome news! Now, let’s get an embedded browser and some cut-n-paste functionality built-in to WordPress 1.1 (or beyond)!

    Keep up the great work.

  22. Donny Pauling

    Thanks guys! I love it. No problems for me so far.

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  25. Scoo

    Text links notion:

    To get around the iPhone’s copy/paste limitation, what if you could dip into Safari’s bookmarks the way you can dip in to the Photo app’s picture files? Sorta half assed having to save a link you want to post about in your bookmarks, but then you could route that bookmark to WP to create a link. Have a directory in Safari called WP or something.

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  29. blargumentor

    Thats sweeet!! 1000% stoked.

  30. Petter

    Thank you for all your hard work! Really appreciate it since I haven’t been able to use it yet (I am swedish and need the special caracter support :))

  31. ramcosca

    How about adding the ability to add a local copy of posts to memory? You know, so those who have an iPod touch can edit the drafts we already have online?

    And easier handling for the pictures… please?

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  33. Scott Ott

    Love this application. Now if I can only figure a way to get weblinks into my posts. There’s an existing javascript that allows me to post a link to my WordPress blog from the destination page, which I could save as a draft and then access with this iPhone app. However, it doesn’t appear that your app can access drafts created on something other than the iPhone app. Just noodling this through. Of course, the long-awaited clip-and-paste function would bring my noodling to a close.

    Scott Ott, editor,

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  37. dorkus

    Looking forward to using this app, but I currently can’t use it, as I use .htaccess to password protect my site.

    Can you include functionality to input the .htaccess username and password so that I can access my site via this app?


  38. MacHarborGuy

    could you please add landscape/widescreen to the wordpress app? All I am asking for as it makes typing easier than tall “poke” mode :)

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  42. Tech

    great work

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  44. Josh

    Love the work you guys are doing on this and it is much appreciated, but… a blog tool without the ability to link anywhere is pretty much useless as anything other than a personal note pad. Your first priority with this tool (bugs, landscape mode, template preview, etc. be damned) should be giving the tool the ability to post LINKS, the lifeblood of the blog world.

  45. Raanan Bar-Cohen

    @Josh –

    Creating links in an easier way is definitely at the top of our list. We are discussing various ways to do that here:

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  48. rusty

    glad to see this is a priority. keep up the good work!

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  51. David Eldridge

    Thanks so much for the great tool. Sorry for the cheesy ‘me too’ post.

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  56. Krista

    Super excited about this app. I can almost say it’s my reason for buying the new iPhone.


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  58. ember999


    You’ve made WordPress for iPhone, how about us Blackberry users out there? There are millions of us, many on WordPress…can we have a WordPress for Blackberry please?

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  61. Tapeleg

    This app is really great. It is going to free me from the tyranny of Flickr. I can ‘t wait for landscape mode, which should make typing easier. Now, if only Apple had a spell check (and copy/paste). ;)

  62. Programmer

    Thank you for all your hard work!

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  64. Wesg

    I really like this application, but one of the features i’d really like to see is the ability to edit draft posts that are not local. I find that I edit draft posts more often than actual posts.

  65. Kevin

    I just want to say thank you very much for releasing this code. As an iPhone developer myself, being able to peek into another (well built) app’s source code is absolutely invaluable.

    Thanks for sharing!

    And yes without a doubt; “CODE IS POETRY”.


  66. SDG

    Great Application, Thanks

  67. Michael Galloy

    I would like a visual indicator (icon, color, etc.) of the status of a post when looking at the list of posts for a blog. This information is available when clicking on the post, but it would be good for me to be able to quickly find the Draft posts amongst the Published ones.

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  69. Neil Hickson

    A really great application. Cut and paste is the must have for me. I didn’t realize how much I used it until I got my iPhone. Being able to type widescreen also makes the whole thing a lot more practical to use.

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