100,000 and Counting

Posted on 16 Sep 08 by Raanan Bar-Cohen

102,208 to be exact. That’s the number of people worldwide who have installed the WordPress for iPhone App in the month of August and the last week in July–very impressive! These numbers, supplied by Apple, do not count updates for people who upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1.

Here is a chart with the global breakdown of installs:

On the development front lots of work is going into version 1.2 which will include landscape mode, comment moderation, enhanced image options, and a host of other tweaks. If you are able to run the Apple SDK/simulator and know how to use SVN, we encourage you to test the latest trunk version and send us any feedback you may have.

We hope to have the 1.2 release ready within the next few weeks.

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29 Responses to “100,000 and Counting”

  1. Jeff

    A have a very teenie weenie request: I wish you guys would get rid of the gloss effect in the icon, it’s downright tool-y and annoying. That’s my minor complaint about an otherwise great iPhone app. Remove the gloss in the next version, please? It’s pretty trivial to set UIPrerenderedIcon to ‘false’, and in effect make the whole world a much better place. Thanks in advance :)

  2. Viper007Bond

    Wow, that’s a lotta downloads!

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  4. Philip

    Wow, and I am in Australia, we are letting the team down there.

  5. calú

    I’m part of those 3% !

  6. Wayne Sutton

    That’s great news, please tell me the next version will support copy and paste via Open Clip http://openclip.org and auto http links. Thanks

    I’m still blogging on my iPhone app on http://waynesutton.wordpress.com

  7. Hausmitteilungen

    So the UK is no longer a part of Europe? Good to know, I’ll need a new passport for my next trip then… :-)

    I’m looking forward to 1.2!

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  15. shriya

    Congratulations. That is soooo great! I really look forward to the cool features like the landscape mode in the next version.

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  20. Deeda

    Yup its really a great platform for all bloggers, with iPhone.

  21. Gunter

    I know that a lot of Americans are quite ignorant about what happens in the world but nobody told you that the UK is part of Europe and member of the EU.

  22. Raanan Bar-Cohen

    @Gunter -

    Ya, that’s actually how Apple breaks it down – I would suspect because the UK uses it’s own currency, but you would need to ask Apple directly to find out for sure.

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