WordPress for iPhone 2 now available on the App Store

Posted on 28 Oct 09 by Matt Miklic

We’ve just received word that WordPress for iPhone 2 is now available on the App Store. Woohoo!

A quick note about installation: WordPress for iPhone 2 is a new app, and the previous version won’t automatically update to 2.0. Installing it won’t overwrite any previous version you have installed. When you launch the new app, you’ll immediately see “Version 2.0″ at the bottom of the screen. When you’re no longer using it, you can safely remove the previous version from your device.

Our efforts were focused on creating a better user experience — the beginnings of a user interface overhaul that we’ll continue with the next version, and eliminating the bugs and incompatibilities with some self-hosted WordPress setups that was the source of the majority of the support requests we see in the forum.

So, what’s new in version 2?

  • A new, more efficient user interface that makes it faster to switch between comments, posts, and pages.
  • Various user interface refinements and bug fixes
  • New Comments interface, with Gravatars and the author URL shown in the comment list
  • Passwords are now stored in the keychain
  • Posts are now automatically saved and restored if network connection is lost during publishing
  • Added persistence, so the app re-opens in the blog you last used
  • Added an interface for manually entering the XMLRPC endpoint for non-standard setups
  • Fixed rotation-related visual glitches
  • Fixed errors where malformed XML prevented access to XMLRPC endpoint
  • Fixed edge case where local drafts were sometimes not saved
  • Fixed the order of photos so that they’re displayed in the order they’re uploaded

WordPress for iPhone, just like WordPress itself, is an Open Source app. Our source code is publicly available, and anyone can contribute to it. On behalf of all the developers, thank you to everyone who wrote code, submitted their ideas or bug reports, built and tested new features with the iPhone Simulator, and installed our beta releases. They helped bring you this app, and we’re excited to have you all start using it!

Just a reminder: we’ve started a new blog called Making WordPress for iPhone, where we’ll talk about the features we’re tackling for the next version of the app, and keep you up to date on our progress. We’re soliciting your ideas and feedback there, so if you’d like to help guide the direction of WordPress for iPhone, that’s the place to be.

In the interest of keeping comments on topic, please don’t post support requests here—instead, we ask that you post them in the WordPress for iPhone forums.

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78 Responses to “WordPress for iPhone 2 now available on the App Store”

  1. Sam

    no 2.0 wordpress love for me yet :(

    1. MT

      Sam: you’ll need to download the app via the link above (or right here: iTunes) — older versions of WordPress for iPhone won’t automatically update to 2.0.

    2. Sam

      Got it… I’m good!!!

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  3. Pgoodness

    Looks good! Any chance we can add the ability to reply to comments next? :)

    1. MT

      We’re with you there. :)

      1. Gerrit Eicker

        Great. – And what about a “more” link at the end of the 10 current posts?

      2. Gerrit Eicker

        Will you add push notifications?

      3. MT

        @Gerritt: We’ve got plans for both.

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  6. Daniel Brusilovsky

    Looks awesome — good work guys!

  7. hariandja

    Thank you! The previous version didn’t work for me, but this version 2.0 works very well.

  8. Dave Burrows

    WordPress 2 looks good but I would love to see a featuer to filter posts by type, e.g. PUBLISHED / DRAFT. I have a lot of posts that are in DRAFT mode and it’s good on the main website interface to be able to only show the ones in DRAFT quickly so you can go in and publish the ones you want.

  9. rYnoweb

    SWEEEET… thanks guys!

    more to chat about at http://PhxWordCamp.com on Nov 13th ;)

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  11. BlogPiG

    What was the thought behind releasing another app rather than just updating the current one?

    1. MT

      Between version 1.x and 2.0, ownership of the app in the App Store changed from a subcontractor to Automattic. I guess this is fairly uncommon, because creating a new application in the store was Apple’s recommendation for our situation. Shouldn’t have to happen again, though. :)

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  13. Network Geek

    Um, actually, when I downloaded the new version, it updated my Beta version. Which was great, actually.

    1. MT

      Nice! I actually wasn’t sure if the App Store version would update the 2.0 beta. Thanks for letting us know. :)

  14. rudy

    It’s a good news for us, since more bloggers are using mobile web browser to surf or blogging. In my internal stats, iphone is within top5.

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  18. steppinout

    Thanks guys. You’re ROCK man.

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  21. Tad

    Thanks guys! This looks great! The new UI is really outstanding! Job well done.

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  23. Danny Cohen

    Why does it defualtly go to Comments, I want it to go to Posts!
    Otherwise, this seems like a great improvement.

    1. Gareth Townsend

      This was done because we felt that as a mobile user, comment moderation was by far the most common use case for the application.

      1. pettifoggist

        Really? That seems weird to me. I know that my primary concern with a mobile blogging app is the posting if content.

        Personally, I’m not too impressed with the update. Yeah, some UI changes but no changes in posting to make that process better. No way to better post images and insert them into posts. No improved editing with something more WYSYWIG over editing HTML. No way to delete posts.

        It’s like the actual purpose of the app, posting on the go, was ignored in leiu of the comment features. I know I’m in a very tiny minority, maybe consistig of only myself, but I’m kinda disappointed in this release.

      2. Stephanie

        It would be great if a future version would let us reorganize that bottom row so that we could have it open on whatever we wanted- posts, pages or comments.

        I understand your reasoning to open on comments, but it’d be best if we could choose what we wanted as the default.


      3. MT

        @pettifoggist: The app has many purposes, and many different types of blogger in its target audience. We’ve got lots of ideas for improvements to the part of the app you find most important, publishing. We’ve gotten great suggestions for what others consider their top priorities, too. But this is an Open Source app — you can drive the direction of our progress by contributing code as well. :)

        @Stephanie: I like that idea!

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  25. Haroun Kola

    Yay. I’m about to download it to my phone now. Thanks so much!

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  27. Lisandro Moises

    at last!!! its great!!! fantastic, im working right now with WP 2.0!!!

  28. Lisandro Moises

    just one thing: can we reply the comments soon in wp2.0??

    1. MT

      We expect to include that in an upcoming release.

  29. Jessica Sideways

    I am so glad to hear this, I cannot wait to use WordPress for iPhone 2. I have been using WordPress for iPhone 1 and it was pretty good… but I am definitely hoping that version two will improve on a number of things…

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  40. Jake Brady

    I have tried this out and its really useful. Thanks for the update.

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  44. Sven

    Realy nice new version with a lot of new functions. Great job!

  45. Hugh

    Awesome app. takes a bit to load all the different blogs if you have MU but still awesome and handy.

  46. Eric Rogers

    Looks great, only complaint is being made to re-enter all of my accounts. It won’t import data from the 1.0 app. :(

  47. garrylconn

    Landscape still not available?

    1. MT

      Landscape mode is available when editing a post or page. Tap the post content to bring up the keyboard, then rotate the iPhone or iPod.

  48. Staze

    Still doesn’t work with self-signed ssl certs. :(

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  54. mo

    works like a charm. Thanks a lot!

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