WordPress for iPhone 2.1 now on the App Store

Posted on 1 Dec 09 by Matt Miklic

Just a month ago, WordPress for iPhone 2 was released. In that month, it’s been installed on over 55,000 iPhones and iPods. Today, we received word that WordPress for iPhone 2.1 is available now for download on the App Store. No special notes about installation this time — just update and enjoy.

New in version 2.1:

  • A post or page can be deleted by swiping across its title in the Posts or Pages list
  • Commenter email addresses are now visible
  • The app now supports HTTP authentication for password-protected self-hosted blogs. Big thanks to Jeff Stieler for the patch.*
  • Fix for link helper not working in mid-sentence
  • Fix for lost content after changing status of post containing a <!--more--> tag
  • Fix for visual glitch with buttons in Comments section
  • Fix for problem recognizing valid URLs during set up

It usually take a few hours for the new version to appear on the App Store. If you don’t see it immediately, hang tight just a bit longer.

We’ve already begun working on the next version, too — as always, you can follow our progress on the Making WordPress for iPhone blog.

* WordPress for iPhone is Open Source, just like WordPress itself. The absolute fastest way to add the features you want to the app? Do what Jeff did — submit your own code. :)

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20 Responses to “WordPress for iPhone 2.1 now on the App Store”

  1. Scott Kingsley Clark

    In the future, will there be support added for Plugins to have the ability to interact with the WP App?

  2. Wyatt LeCadre

    Seems to work a lot better. Thanks for not taking so long.

  3. Jeff » Blog Archive » Patch to WordPress for iPhone Accepted! - Ramblings of a caffeine fueled hacker in training.

    [...] Feel free to view the patch submission, and mention on the WordPress iPhone blog. [...]

  4. BitchinCamaro

    Thanks for the HTTP authentication. I’m happy to finally be able to try this app out. Here’s my experience:

    - Text of previously published posts does not appear at all in some cases. When text is added to a previously published post whose existing text does not appear within the app, all previously existing text is deleted on save with no warning.

    - In other cases, when a post is selected, the text of another, unselected post appears. At times text from a single post appears when any and all other posts are selected to view, write or edit.

    - Text of published pages only appears in the top 2/3 of the viewable area.

    Not really asking for support here; my WP install is up to date, my site is valid XHTML and CSS and uses few plugins, and I’ve reinstalled the app and had the same result. I hope others have better luck, but it’s unusable for me.

    1. MT

      Hi Camaro — it’d be a big help for us if you reported what’s happening over on the forums — I haven’t seen any other reports of this behavior, and haven’t experienced it myself. If you could let us know a bit more about how your blog is set up, we can try to fix what ails you. :)

  5. WordPress iPhone app upgrade – with contribution from Voce | Voce Communications

    [...] Feel free to view the patch submission, and mention on the WordPress iPhone blog. [...]

  6. Gene Steinberg

    It sort of fixes the URL problem on one of my blogs, but not the other. I was in touch with one of your people about this, but, alas, we’re not quite there yet.


  7. WordPress para iPhone chega à versão 2.1 « MacMagazine

    [...] E pouco mais de um mês depois do lançamento do WordPress 2 para iPhone, a Automattic já liberou uma grande atualização para o aplicativo, agora na versão 2.1. [...]

  8. Bram Schulting

    There is a bug. I can’t see my pages! :-(

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @bram — try refreshing, there was a temporary bug on WordPress.com that may have caused you not to see any Pages in the app.

  9. DSLTechno

    [...] Para obter  mais informações sobre o WordPress 2.1, clique aqui [...]

  10. Alec Tok

    I am a new WordPress User, even though, I have it hosted on my website. “WordPress for iPhone 2.1″ was a breeze after I updated the Database, sorted out the HTTP Authentication and entered an accurate URL. Thank you and well done!

  11. Daniel 'mavrick' Lang

    When I edit a post then click settings the program closes/crashes on the iPhone 3Gs.

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @daniel — can you post some details on http://iphone.forums.wordpress.org/forum/how-to-and-troubleshooting so we can take a look — thanks.


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