WordPress for iOS 2.6.5 is Out!

Posted on 31 Jan 11 by Isaac Keyet

Version 2.6.5 of WordPress for iOS is now available in the App Store. This update includes many smaller fixes and eliminates a few more crashes. All in all, more than 30 issues have been taken care of including correct image scaling for Original Size images and a number of fixes around Pages. Update now and let us know what you think!

We had to leave some issues for the next major update of the WordPress for iOS app, 2.7. This version will have Push Notifications, as well as some restructuring behind the scenes to make the app more reliable. Some of you are still reporting issues with duplicated content, which we know we’ve solved in part but needs more looking into. If it happens to you and you’re able to reproduce it, feel free to nudge us about it in the forums so we can investigate further.

Calling all Xcoders! Over at WordPress for Android we now have people contributing and making patches for the app. Of course we’d love to get more help from the WordPress community for the iOS app as well! With your help we can work out the remaining issues and make the app truly great. Holler if you want to help out!

WordPress for iOS 2.6.5 Fixes

Ticket Summary Priority Component
#533 Crash when uploading videos blocker Media
#540 Crash when adding a picture from photo library blocker Media
#602 Image adding works, but image code disappears on publish blocker Pages
#609 Crash when accepting to learn more about VideoPress blocker Media
#613 Custom Size Dialog Broken on 2G blocker Posts
#571 Can’t change date or post password for post that already exists on blog critical Posts
#599 Content area has height issue, doesn’t show all content towards the bottom critical Pages
#608 Crash when navigating away from post if media upload is in progress critical Media
#632 Restore Unsaved Post is Busted critical Posts
#636 Autorecovery is broken critical Posts
#646 Can’t use app if you change wpcom username/password critical Add Blog/Site
#610 Image Upload fails for large pitctures (1,5MB+?) (unconfirmed) major Media
#611 Selecting row should check comment when bulk moderating. major Comments
#612 Editing and saving a page on an iPad creates a copy and doesn’t update the original page major Pages
#615 Landscape mode quirks major Compose
#618 Previewing is flaky *unconfirmed* major Preview Mode
#620 Crash on app launch major Add Blog/Site
#622 Image upload fails without error msg major Media
#623 The app doesn’t show any error msg if the server is down and you try to upload a media file major Media
#624 issue when attaching media to a post major Media
#630 Photo rotation issue major Media
#649 error while adding WP.com blog major Add Blog/Site
#546 Some Text Fields Don’t Get Focus minor Other
#585 Text overflows on the iPad in certain conditions minor Posts
#607 Can’t Edit a Page in Landscape minor Pages
#621 The “Discard alert” appears when there is no changes on post minor Compose
#626 Selecting a page draft on iPad doesn’t stick the blue background color. minor Pages
#628 preview is “blank” even if i’ve attached images to a new post minor Preview Mode
#633 Gravatars not loading in comment list on first load? minor Comments
#644 discard/cancel prompts in odd place when post is GeoLocated minor Geolocation
#645 oddities on the write screen when you have multiple blogs minor Publishing
#647 Save or Publish button missing for un unpublished post minor Publishing
#648 Blog list doesn’t refresh on iPad after saving a local draft minor Posts
#616 Blogs list allows landscape mode trivial Add Blog/Site
#625 Saving a local draft while offline still gives you a no connection prompt trivial Posts
#605 Image Uploader upscales images added from library that are smaller than default device size blocker Media
#642 Getting autorecovery prompts in odd places critical Posts

View closed 2.6.5 tickets in Trac.

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27 Responses to “WordPress for iOS 2.6.5 is Out!”

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  2. Aurie

    hmm…let’s see if this is better

    1. Isaac Keyet

      Let us know how it goes! This release has an number of smaller bug fixes but some of the bigger issues are still lingering – hard to track down. If you do find something, be sure to let us know.

  3. Larouge77

    It works bad; I can’t add my self-hostes blog visse the old sane problem with XML-RPC problem during the login….excuse me, Are you able to make an update really working?

  4. Len

    I just wanted to comment that I downloaded the update when it came out today and was still having the XML-RPC error, but I deleted the app and reinstalled it and everything works great now!

  5. Wordpress 2.6.5 for iOS Released!

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  6. Larouge77

    I Deleted, reinstalled and I havwe the same problem, the same xml-rpc message error

  7. WordPress-appen uppdaterad

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  8. Moira

    I basically knew about a lot of this, but however, I still assumed it had been beneficial. Good post!

  9. Wordpress till iOS uppdaterat med buggfixar igen - Allt om Mac

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  10. Neil Armstrong

    I’m still having problems Re: Ticket #608 – particularly when uploading from iPhone during train journeys, when the iPhone switches between the train’s onboard (but dodgy) wifi and (rapidly changing) cell networks – although iOS itself doesn’t seem to like this, never mind WordPress for iOS.
    Otherwise that’s ironed out a couple of the quirks we were seeing. Thank you for the effort – it is *very* appreciated!

  11. benn

    Working fine for me??????????

  12. WordPress for iOS and Android Updated | MacManX.com

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  13. Lola

    I have problem with that categories turns itself to default category even if i change it.
    And even if i publish it will publish in draft, very strange :(

  14. adapt-a-tiger

    hello i’ve noticed the app now resets the time of posts — i think maybe subtracting the difference from UTC again? — when i edit them. hopefully not a hassle to fix.

    1. Danilo

      @adapt-a-tiger — Unfortunately the app release 2.5.5 had an issue on the publication Date when editing. The app release 2.6.6 fixes this issue.

  15. kletterida

    I have a problem with the App: When I want to typen something it is very slow and that is very annoying!

    1. Danilo

      @kletterida – Could you post with few details on the forum, thanks.

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  20. Jipsi

    Everything seems to work for me except uploading video from my iPhone4. It records, processes and posts but only shows up as a grey box on my blog. Curious if there is an easy fix for this or am I doing something wrong? Any and all advice/help would be appreciated, thank you.

    1. Danilo

      @Jipsi – have you look at the WordPress settings within the device settings? you can choose the HTML that the app should use when insert a video on your blog. If this doesn’t help could you post to the forum, so we can take a closer look?

  21. internetvideoguy

    I have tried everything, reinstalled self hosted blog,
    delete Iphone app, reinstalled, Yes XML-RPC checked.
    I get authenticating, good to go message when configure then
    try to connect
    Communcication Error
    Bad user name or password

    Previous version worked fine for me, now it died with update.
    Please help.

    1. Danilo

      @internetvideoguy — Which type of iOS device are you using?

      could you please try the steps below?
      - start adding your blog
      - when it says go to go click on add blog
      - When the blog appears within the main blogs list screen click on edit and change the username password.

      if this doesn’t work, could you please post on the forum so we can take a look, thanks.


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