Big Update: WordPress for iOS 2.8 Available Today!

Posted on 18 May 11 by Isaac Keyet

It’s been in the works for about two months, and we hope you agree with us that it was worth the wait. This is the first app version in a long time where we’re actually adding features, previously we’ve been 100% focused on improving stability, error messages, and help. While these efforts will continue indefinitely, we now feel like the app is stable enough to start adding some long-awaited features. The Quick Photo button, lets you snap a picture of something happening right now and blog about it quickly. We’ve added Stats to the app (finally!). The app has also been translated to 10 languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Quick Photo

The “Quick Photo” button is a big step towards the next-generation WordPress app. It’s the first feature that’s action-centric, meaning that instead of picking the blog, and then selecting what you want to do with it, you pick your action first. The thinking is that an app should be all about getting in and out quickly, performing a specific task.

As you launch the app, you’ll notice there’s now a button in the bottom of your blogs list. Tap it to launch the camera and take a picture, when you’re satisfied you can add a title or a description (if you want, both are optional), and boom — you’re done! The function remembers the last blog you posted a Quick Photo to and will use that for future posts as well. Note: iPhone only for now.


Finally you’re able to check your blog’s statistics on the go. There are charts for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly page views, swipe over them to see the others. You can also see Daily Views by date, as well as top Post Views, Referrers, Search Terms, and Clicks for the past 7 days.

The Stats feature natively works for all blogs, however you’ll need Jetpack or the stand-alone Stats plugin to see stats for your self-hosted WordPress blog. We recommend that you enable Jetpack on your site, as we’ll add app-specific functions to it in the future to help further enhance the apps in a quicker turnaround time.


This has been long awaited for a lot of you. We’re happy to report that the WordPress for iOS app is now completely translatable, and 2.8 adds support for 10 languages: Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, German, Dutch, French, and Croatian.

Is your language not translated yet? You can very easily add it yourself, and we’ll put it in the app in a future release! To get started, visit the WordPress for iOS project on (learn more). You don’t have to translate all strings, other people will join in to translate remaining strings.

Other changes

While we’re excited about adding a few new, much requested features, we know that stability is still an issue. We’ve been able to resolve 3/4 of all crashes in the app. This update fixes a number of additional crashes and bugs. The full list of crash and bug fixes is available in the WordPress for iOS Trac.

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53 Responses to “Big Update: WordPress for iOS 2.8 Available Today!”

  1. Adam Willis

    Oh my! What a lovely surprise! I’m still not using the app too often for blogging, but this is a huge step in the right direction! Keep up the great work. Your team rocks.

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  3. Nick

    Great! But what about post formats?

    1. Devin Reams

      Good idea, Nick. I think we’d all like that feature.

      I didn’t see a ticket already for adding this so I created one if you feel free to chime in or follow along:

      1. Isaac Keyet

        Thanks! Post formats is coming, we needed to clear up some things first though.

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  5. pltprincess

    Yeah! Really nice update.

  6. Nick

    Hey.. I have just tested the “Quick Photo” feature.. Love the action-centric approach! Great!

    But could you please set the default post format for “quick photo”-posts to “image”. If the post format “image” is defined by the theme, it will be used. If not, the default format is used anyway.

    1. Isaac Keyet

      Thanks for the feedback. The plan is to do just that, but we needed a core WP patch to be able to determine and correctly assign the image post format to the post – it’s coming though!

  7. Bruno De Barros

    The way you phrased the title, it feels like the WordPress app is available for iOS 2.8. Wouldn’t it be better to say WordPress 2.8 for iOS? :P But, I guess it doesn’t really make much of a difference. Anyway, I think it’s pretty great to see the WordPress app get even better! It really is a pleasure to use it, so thanks! :)

    1. Isaac Keyet

      We’ve been debating this internally as well, but the thing is calling it “WordPress 2.8 for iOS” kind of implies that it is an older version of core WP, wouldn’t you say? If you have any ideas on how to get around this in the future we’re all ears!

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  10. GaryLaPointe

    Hmmm…. I still only see 2.7.2 at the App Store :(

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      Sometimes there is a delay as it rolls out. Are you still not seeing 2.8 ?

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  12. Marco

    Is there a time frame for Custom Post types?

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    1. Pavel

      Metrics over days, weeks, and months, and new localization features supports 10 different language…
      The best!

  17. Rich Koster

    I love the new version of the WordPress app and have used previous versions quite a lot on my iPhone 4. As soon as I downloaded the update I tried out the Quick Photo feature and posted a review of it on my Disney Echo blog here on WordPress.

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  19. Keith

    I would LOVE if this could work with other camera apps instead like “Camera+” for zooming in on photos at events and such!!

  20. YorgoNestoridis

    Just tested the Quick Photo feature: the action-centered approach is brilliant; I am looking forward to be able to format the post and may be also to add additional pictures from the camera roll or an album.

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  22. Verne

    Great news. I hope WordPress for iPad improves though. Very buggy and lack features.

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  24. iPad Story

    We still waiting on iPad 2 also support Quick Photo button too

  25. gagatracks

    I already switches to the excellent Woothemes Express App for stability, photo- and posttype-functions, but the statistics are a very welcome function! :-D I once wasted money on the “Statistics for WordPress” App from “Menial Ltd.”, which never worked at all and for which I never got support. Really happy that it is now in the native WordPress app, gonna give it another try right now. Thanks! :-)

  26. Rich

    Bugfix release? Let’s hope it works on older hardware this time then…

    1. Danilo

      @Rich – this release should work fine on older devices.

  27. Scott

    Where does the quick photo get its upload resolution from? Does it pull a size from the sizes set in WordPress or is it a preset size in the app?

    1. Danilo

      @Scott – quick photo uses the app image resize settings. You can access these settings within the “setting” screen of your device.

      1. Scott

        Mine is set to “always ask”, yet quick photo uploaded a 480×643 image from an iPhone 4′s rear camera. That does not coordinate to any of the media sizes set in the site I sent it to (thumb: 150×150, medium 300×300, large 1024×1024).

        This is probably something that should move over to the forum…

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  31. brian

    Awesome. But…

    With Windows XP, Safari has only audio, IE8 fails, Firefox 4 fails, yet Chrome works. iPad, iPod work too but it has to work with all browsers. Any suggestions?

    1. Isaac Keyet

      What are you having trouble with?

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  33. jimnicolson

    On the iPhone app Preview page, should the display honour the Mobile Layout of the WP Theme in use?

    I’m finding that the page is presenting the full web layout. This is really slow and not helped by the fact that landscape mode is not available.

    I’m using [URL removed] and this mobile layout is fine in iPhone Safari.

    If it’s possible, could it be considered as a Preview option?

    1. Isaac Keyet

      This is definitely something we want to do in the future (a toggle between mobile/full preview) but we’re limited by WP’s core XML-RPC library right now.

  34. Shazzer

    What’s the trick to getting the stats to show up in the iPhone app if you’re using stats via Jetpack? The app asks for my username and password…but if that’s something different from my self-hosted wp username and password, then I don’t know what it is.

    1. Isaac Keyet

      When you first downloaded and installed Jetpack, you were asked to connect the plugin to your account. This is the account credentials you should fill in when the app asks you for them, not the ones you use for the self-hosted WordPress blog. Hope this makes sense.

  35. Tryphoon

    Quick pic is great… Can we now have the same posting ability but in which we can add more than one pic? (library).
    Can we as well have the ability to create an album when uploading multiple pictures?

    1. Jorge Bernal

      Yeah, adding pictures from the library probably the next action to come

  36. Jody

    This new update for me has a major problem.

    All previous updates haven’t had any issues, but for some reason all my blogs posts (previous and new) have no formatting. For example all paragraphs no longer have spaces (words have spaces) if I type a word and press return on iPhone keyboard it appears to create a new line I save article, go back and look in posts and the space has gone???

    However If I look via dashboard on computer it is fine?

    For example:

    Day 1

    Looks like
    Eg Day 1 Duration

    I am traveling and doing my blog so cannot go back to previous version.
    I have a self hosted blog, have updated WordPress, all plugins, restarted my iPhone without a fix.


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