3.2 Is Here: Featured Images, Self-Hosted Notifications, More Accessible Settings

Posted on 23 Oct 12 by Isaac Keyet

Version 3.2 of WordPress for iOS: Featured Image SupportWe promised to keep pushing the envelope and releasing updates faster, so here’s the first of many updates to come. Read on to learn what’s new, and then update/download version 3.2 of the app from the App Store.

Featured Images Support

This has been one of our most requested features for some time. We’re happy to report that you can now upload a Featured Image for your blog posts as long as your theme supports it. You’ll find the Featured Image uploader in the Settings section of the Post Editor—see the screenshot on the right.

You can upload a Featured Image of any size, but by default it’ll use the Image Size preference, which you’ll now find in the Settings section within the app (more on this below).

Push Notifications for Self-Hosted Websites

Push Notifications are now available for self-hosted blogs running Jetpack 1.8.2 or higher. To make it work, we had to have a central server to deliver the notifications to your device, so this feature requires the Jetpack plugin by Automattic to function. Push notifications for self-hosted blogs will work just like how they currently work for WordPress.com-hosted blogs: you get push notifications for new comments only, and will be directed to the comment within the app if you choose to view the notification.

Version 3.2 of WordPress for iOS: Self-Hosted Push Notifications

Note: only the owner of the blog will receive push notifications for new comments on their own posts. We are working on making push notifications available for all authors on a blog in version 1.9 of Jetpack. This version is currently in Beta and will be released within a few weeks.

Version 3.2 of WordPress for iOS: More Accessible SettingsMore Accessible Settings

As a part of this update, we’ve moved all the preferences previously only available in the Settings app on your device to the Settings screen within the app itself. This makes it much easier to change settings on the fly. You may even find settings that you didn’t knew were already available in the app. Moving forward, we’ll make sure all settings are available right within the app.

Stability Improvements

In addition to the new features, we’ve worked hard on making the app even more stable. In total, almost 70 bugs and crashes have been fixed in this release. We’ve also worked hard on making the Stats section of the app perform better.

What’s Next

We’re moving to a more feature-driven release cycle, meaning that updates will come faster and focus on single features and enhancements. This is the perfect time to get involved in the WordPress for iOS project. Post something on the dev blog or head on over to make/mobile on WordPress.org.

A huge thanks to the contributors that worked on this release: koke, aerych, irbrad, isaackeyet, daniloercoli, beaucollins, mrroundhill, and jkudish.

How are you liking version 3.2, and what would you like to see next? Leave us a comment here and follow us on @WordPressiOS to get the latest news first.

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23 Responses to “3.2 Is Here: Featured Images, Self-Hosted Notifications, More Accessible Settings”

  1. Josh Kore (@milkkore)

    I’m not entirely sure how to set up the push notifications for comments. I connected my Jetpack but there’s no option whatsoever for push notifications within the app and it’s not listed in the notification options in the iOS settings.app either?

    1. Danilo

      @milkkore – You need to enable the subscriptions module on the Jetpack configuration page, and then add your blog within the iOS app.
      If you are still experiencing issues, could you please post on the Forum here http://ios.forums.wordpress.org/forum/how-to-and-troubleshooting with few details, such as the URL of your blog?

  2. Aaron

    This looks and is amazing! Question: is featured image support available on the iPad? I don’t see the option on my iPad, but I do on my iPhone (same blog on both, and yes to featured image support on this blog). Is there a setting I need to switch for the iPad to support them? Thanks!

    1. Danilo

      @Aaron – Yes, Featured Image is supported on the iPad. Could you please try to refresh the posts list? When the app refreshes the ‘Post Lists’ it also refreshes other info that we need to check before showing that feature.

      1. M.Rizk

        I also got the same issue. But my iPad shows the feature fine just my iPhone doesn’t. Tried refreshing the list but unfortunately nothing change.

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  4. globalwebhq

    I was just about to start using this until I read some pretty scary reviews in itunes. Especially the one about deleting all posts for the last year.

    1. Isaac Keyet

      Some users are indeed having problems, but by nature you’re more inclined to post a review if it’s not working for you. The app has a lot of users but a local few tend to skew the reviews. Regardless the issues brought up are serious ones that we need to look into regardless though.

      I’d install the app and see how it works for you. I believe the review with the missing posts means local posts in the app and not remote posts.

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  6. FleaByte

    How do I enter keyword info and meta statements, like I would from a browser? Make it more SEO friendly.

  7. Illya King

    Reblogged this on Illya's Notes and commented:
    Alright! The featured image option needed some work for a long time.

  8. arfoodie

    I clicked the Featured Image option for a photo, and now it’s doubling up with another image. I can’t figure out how to un-click it. Help?

  9. bnaffas

    Is anyone else experiencing crashes when synching their posts on a self hosted installation?

  10. Jamie A Cowan

    Do you know how to get notifications for LIKES on a post? I understand this is available for WordPress.com, where the user gets an email notifying him who liked the content. Is this possible on this update (or future updates)?

    1. Isaac Keyet

      It’s not available right now but it’s definitely coming in the future. The current plan is to include push notifications for WordPress.com Likes, Reblogs, etc and create a new Notifications view within the app in the next version of the app. This is only a tentative plan though.

  11. Jamie A Cowan

    Is this available at all for WordPress self-hosted blogs?

    (edited to remove link)

    1. Isaac Keyet

      Yes, the WordPress for iOS app works with both WordPress.com-hosted and self-hosted blogs.

  12. rianratukore

    Reblogged this on rianratukore and commented:
    good . . s

  13. toppie

    Use “Find My iPad” or “Find My iPhone”. Go to Settings>iCloud, enter your Apple ID and set it up. This way, if you lose your iPad, you simply need to vist iCloud’s site or use the program on another Apple product to locate where your iPad is and find it.

  14. Mark

    In your job code is really poetry :)

  15. woutermesker

    I’ve looping forward à long time to featured images. But On Iphone(5) and IPad mini and iPad retina it doesn’t work. I don’t see the option in the settings(postsettings) screen.

    1. Dan

      Make sure your theme supports featured images, and you can also refresh the posts list to have the app check for featured image support again.

  16. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    I have v. 3.2.1 on my iPhone 5 and two little problems I can’t resolve:

    1. One of my regular readers posts her comments via a phone that has her “signature”, which includes her last name. She doesn’t like to use her last name when commenting but often forgets that it is there when she comments. On my laptop, I can edit the name easily (and am happy to do this for her) but I see no way of tapping to open the name of the commenter to change it on the iPhone. I can edit the comment, but not the person’s info.

    2. If I create a post that I decide to not publish, is the only way to delete it by going into the dashboard, posts, all posts, and delete there? I would like to be able to swipe a post I choose not to use with an option to X (delete) it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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