Version 3.7 is Here: New Native Reader & More Available Today

Posted on 14 Aug 13 by Eric 

WordPress for iOS 3.7 is out and now available for download from the App Store. This release introduces a revamped Reader, some under-the-hood improvements for account management, and lays the groundwork for some neat things to come.

Native Reader

We first introduced the Reader in version 2.9 back in September of 2011. The original Reader was a hybrid approach — some native code wrapping what was essentially a webpage and lots of JavaScript. It served us well, but there were places where embracing a fully native experience offers better performance.  Version 3.7 introduces a new Reader built with 100% native code. It’s very fast and beautiful to look at. What’s more, we’re already working to make it even better!

Access the Reader from the sidebar while signed in with your account.  Read stories from blogs you follow, posts you liked, as well as your favorite topics. Join the conversion by liking, reblogging, and commenting from within the Reader, and follow blogs you enjoy reading.

Accounts Management

We’ve streamlined how the app manages your credentials and handles authentication with a new accounts system. The improvements are all under-the-hood, so visually, there’s nothing to see there.  You will notice the app doing a better job connecting to multiple services including your blog, Jetpack, the Reader, and notification features.

Other Improvements

More goodness in 3.7:

  • Several bug and crash fixes.
  • View Admin now opens in Safari instead of inside the app for a better experience.
  • Thai is now a supported language.

What’s next?

Apple has announced iOS 7 and we’re keen to be ready for the launch of the new OS later this year. We’re already working on improvements to the new native Reader. We’ve also planned improvements to media and a new themes management feature. Follow our progress at

A huge thanks to the nine contributors who worked on this release: @aarondouglas, @aerych, @daniloercoli @hugobaeta, @irbrad, @isaackeyet, @koke, @sendhil, and Daniel Smith. If you would like to get involved with WordPress for iOS development, drop us a line at and grab a copy of the code at

Have feedback?  Leave a comment below or tweet us at @WordPressiOS.

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18 Responses to “Version 3.7 is Here: New Native Reader & More Available Today”

  1. Ricard Torres

    Awesome, thanks for the update.

    One thing on the “Safari” feature… Would it be possible to ask on what app we want to open it?

    Let’s say a standard dialog with: “Open in Safari” “Open in Chrome”.

    It would also be cool to be able to open/view posts in browser (in case it’s already published). Perhaps sliding from the post list instead of having to go to the edit page?


    1. Koke

      Adding support for Chrome has crossed my mind. I can’t promise anything, but I’m up for it and I’d love to see it happen.

      Once we polish the reader views a bit more, the idea is to start showing a richer posts list instead of just the titles. We’re still figuring out the UI, but those lists will get a refresh.

      Stay tuned at for more frequent updates.

  2. cesarfalcao


  3. Edward Martin III

    “View Admin now opens in Safari instead of inside the app for a better experience.”

    No, I don’t think this is a better experience.

    I actually MUCH prefer the app keeping track of my site credentials and I can run through my updates for all my sites from the app in a matter of minutes.

    95% or more of what I do is use the Site Admin to check for spam and to perform updates. If 95% of what I do I now have to do in a browser, then why bother with the app?

    1. Rowan Evenstar (@zenrhe)

      I 100% agree with this!

      The only reason I came onto this iOS WordPress App website was to find out why the Admin now goes to the browser. (I also would prefer it in Chrome)

      I use this app to admin quite a few sites, and now.. I am unsure of the point of the app at all.

      Especially when it does launch safari and then ask for your login. A big benefit of the app was having all the account details stored so I could stop typing in logins!

      This has basically killed all reason for me to use it, and I really don’t understand why you took it out.

      1. Rowan Evenstar (@zenrhe)

        Plus there’s the fact that I can’t downgrade now which is Exactly what I would be doing if it was a plugin in WordPress.

    2. Eric

      @edward, @zenrhe. We noticed many users were experiencing some confusion with the WordPress admin opening inside the app. The confusion seemed to revolve around thinking the admin was a part of the app, and not a web page. To make it clear that the admin is not a part of the app, and hopefully clear up the confusion, we decided to open it externally.

      I think we’re a bit surprised at how many of you were using the app for fast switching between different blog admins, and we certainly do not want to take away a feature so many of you find valuable.

      We’re discussing ways we might bring this feature back in a way that will still satisfy our original goal of clearing up confusion between the app and the web admin.

  4. Alexander

    sorry, but the wordpress app has an bug on the ipad 4. after starting the app immediately crashes and the app closes.

    1. Eric

      Sorry to hear your experiencing this crash. We’ve noticed this is happening to several people and we’re working to get a fix out asap.

  5. Arabi

    Please add Arabic localization to the app, it will be easy since WordPress is already available in arabic.

  6. mikeguevy

    I dont like being transferred to safari for my admin. I loath the Upgrade and wish i have the option to revert to old version.

    1) it is now inconvenient as i have to sign in everytime i need admin.
    2) when in safari mode it is impossible to switch back to app which forces me to drop the safari and reopen my app again. And i now cant flick in and out with ease unlike before.
    3) the whole experience is a lot less faster and makes the app lose its instantaneous appeal.
    4)the full safari experience was inferior to the app in user friendliness and mobility. I loved the older version app because it was the best option for fiddling using my smaller gadgets. This is why i always use the app rather than the full website in the first place. .

    As far as users are concerned there never was any confusion about “thinking the admin was a part of the app, and not a web page.”

    In fact we WANT the admin to be part of that app!!! Similar to what we had before.

    FYI , the simpler way is always the best when it comes to App experience. I am sorry to report but you have failed us big time with this.

    Mike G

    1. Eric

      This is good feedback @mikeguevy. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts this way.


    Great app, always use it but find myself flicking between this and the desktop for two things which if in the app would increase usability in the mobile app version:

    1. Ability to position images which are being attached to a post.

    2. Simple post search field in posts view.

  8. vijeshcormatyj

    Nice update at this juncture as many of the top players are involved in making their own readers like Digg. Hope this app gets updated to be compatible with iOS7 which is just matter of days to launch.

  9. Cheryl Detrick

    I just installed the WP app on my iPad 3 and can’t figure out how to shrink or minimize the side bar to have full screen to read (or post). Is it not possible?

    1. Eric

      Hi Cheryl. The sidebar always stays visible on the iPad version.

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