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Version 3.5 of WordPress for iOS: Draft Previews + AutosaveWe’re pleased as punch to announce that WordPress for iOS 3.5 is now available in the App Store. The dev team focused on the content editor for this release, which adds some very handy new features:

Draft previews

We know that publishing your very best stuff is important, and you should be able to see what your post or page will look like before you publish. Now, in version 3.5 of WordPress for iOS, you can preview your drafts! Just tap the preview “eye” tab while drafting your post or page to see the post as it will appear on your WordPress site after you hit publish.

If you have a responsive WordPress theme the preview will show what your post looks like on a mobile device.


Thanks to a new Autosave feature, your site’s content is safer than ever before. Now, when you edit a draft in the app, you’ll notice a small “Autosaved ✓” message appear as you type. The draft is instantly saved locally, and if you have a reliable Internet connection at the time, it will autosave online to your WordPress site, too.

Version 3.5 of WordPress for iOS: Autosave

More improvements and bug fixes

This release also includes improvements for and Jetpack notifications, as well as fixes for crashes and other bugs. You can check out all the changes here.

The crash on launch that some of you were seeing has been fixed in this release.

What’s next?

We want to continue making your mobile blogging experience better and better! While the dev team is currently deciding what to work on for version 3.6, these next items are high on our list:

  • Rich Text Editor
  • Improved media management
  • Sharing to the app from third-party apps and services

Want to keep up with the latest happenings in the WordPress mobile world? Head over to

A huge thanks to the contributors that worked on this release: beaucollins, daniloercoli, koke, and mrroundhill.

If you have any feedback about the app, please leave a comment below or follow us @WordPressiOS.


wpios-3-4-notificationsNeed to get your notifications on the go? With version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS you’ll see all your and Jetpack blog Notifications right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


With the new streamlined Notifications view, you can step away from your computer but still stay connected to your readers. With just a few taps you can:

  • read comment threads and reply,
  • moderate new pending comments,
  • get stats highlights,
  • see your new followers and follow them back, and
  • see who liked your posts.

Don’t need so many notifications? You can turn off specific notification types (for example “Likes”) in the Settings panel. You can also mute entire blogs if it gets too noisy.

Self-hosted blogs get to join the party, too! Simply connect your blog using the Jetpack plugin and your self-hosted blog’s notifications will appear. Already have Jetpack set up? Then you don’t need to do a thing.

Additional Improvements and Bug Fixes

We were also able to patch up some bugs with this release. Users with multisite self-hosted blogs can now correctly view stats for sites they belong to (ticket #1528). A particularly nasty bug which resulted in the possibility of losing your offline drafts has also been fixed (ticket# 1545). A big thank you to everyone reporting issues, it’s been very helpful in finding these quirks and resolving them once and for all.

What’s Next?

There are many great updates coming for WordPress for iOS. We’re currently working on an update to the post preview screen and better revision control. This should make for a much smoother posting experience.

A huge thanks to the contributors that worked on this release: beaucollins, daniloercoli, koke, aerych, mrroundhill, isaackeyet, sendhil, and Frank Klein.

How do you like the new Notifications? Drop a comment here or follow us on @WordPressiOS to let us know!


Version 3.3 of WordPress for iOS: Sound effectsSince the release of version 3.2 the team has been hard at work on several new features. Today we’re we’re happy to announce that the first — in-app Sounds — is now available in version 3.3. Adding sounds to the app has been on our wish list a long time, and while this is a modest update, we hope you will enjoy it!


There are five new sounds created by the talented Josh Mobley in the app:

  • You’ll hear a swish sound when you open a panel on the iPhone, or tap a menu item on the iPad.
  • A pulling sound plays when you pull down to refresh content.
  • Once the refresh completes you’ll hear a click.
  • When you receive a new comment a chime will let you know about it immediately.
  • The app now makes a crumple sound when you discard panels on the iPad.

Our goal is to provide elegant sounds that enhance your experience with WordPress for iOS, but you can mute the new sounds from the Settings screen if you prefer a silent app. Your device’s mute button will silence the app as well.

Stability Improvements

In addition to the new sounds effects, we continue to make the app even more stable. In this release we fixed a total of 21 issues.

Next Up

A new Notifications feature for and Jetpack-enabled blogs is nearing completion. We also have a visual editor in the works, which we’re very excited about. If these are features you’re interested in helping with, or if you have a different feature or improvement in mind, the time to help make WordPress for iOS amazing is NOW! Drop us a note on our dev blog or chime in at make/mobile on and we’ll help you get started as a contributor!

A huge thanks to the contributors that worked on this release: koke, aerych, mrroundhill, fklu, jkudish, daniloercoli, isaackeyet, and jmobb.

What do you think of the new sound effects? Drop a comment here or follow us on @WordPressiOS to let us know!


Version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS: Panels & Sidebar

This is a big one! The WordPress for iOS dev team is excited to announce that version 3.1 is now available in the App Store. In this update you’ll find a redesign for both iPhone and iPad, along with loads of new features! Here’s what’s new:

Updated Interface

The app has an all-new look, including graphics, colors, and a new sliding panels interface! We’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sidebar Navigation

We’ve added a new way to get around in the app: the Sidebar. The Sidebar allows easy access to any other area of the app with just a swipe and a tap. We also added easy access to app settings and quick photo from the Sidebar as well. To reveal the sidebar, just tap the menu button or swipe the navigation bar from wherever you are in the app at the time.

iPad Panels

To take advantage of the larger screen, we’ve added an all-new Panels interface for the iPad which allows for viewing a lot of information on your blog all at once. Panels can be moved around and resized so that you can view your content however you’d like. You can also remove extra Panels that you don’t need anymore by dragging the entire Panel stack to the right.

Version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS: Updated InterfaceNew Features

In addition to the UI update we’ve added a ton of great new features, including:

  • Post Format Support
    In the post setting tab, you’ll now see an option for setting the post format for your posts. The app will check with your blog to get a list of post formats that your theme supports.
  • Reader and Quick Photo for iPad
    You’ve asked them and here they are! We took the great Quick Photo and Reader features that were already in the iPhone app and made them available for the iPad.
  • All-New Stats
    Hungry for more stats? We’ve added a new stats view that contains all of the same data that you see in your or Jetpack stats.
  • New Post Preview for iPad
    When viewing a post on the iPad, you’ll now get a nice preview of the post including formatting and images.
  • Friend Finder
    Use the new Friend Finder in the Reader to connect up to Facebook or Twitter to find your friends that are blogging on
  • All-Around Landscape Support
    Nearly all areas of the app support landscape orientation now, including all of the tabs in the post editor.
  • Easy Site and Dashboard Access
    A no brainer. We added buttons on the Sidebar to view your site as well as a Dashboard link so you can access your plugins, widgets, etc.

In addition to all of this great new stuff, we also made many reliability and performance improvements to the app.

Why Stop Here?

Development is continuing at a very rapid pace. We are already marching towards the next big release of the app. So far we are keen on adding a Visual Editor, a Notification Area and support for Featured Images. Want to help out? Check out and the WordPress for iOS dev blog to see how you can get involved!

We’ve had the most contributors ever for this release! Big thanks to koke, aerych, irbrad, isaackeyet, daniloercoli, beaucollins, mrroundhill and pento!

What do you think of this update? Leave us a comment here or follow us at @WordPressiOS to get in touch with the team.


Have you ever wonder what goes in to the planning of the iOS app? Would you like to be a fly on the wall or maybe even share your thoughts about the app and its future?  Are you curious about what’s happening with WordPress apps on other platforms?  If you answered “yes” then grab your trusty IRC client and head over to the #wordpress-mobile freenode channel Wednesday at 18:00 15:00 UTC and participate in a weekly app dev chat!  We’ll plan the future roadmap for the iOS app,  discuss which features to prioritize next, and maybe even chat about WordPress for Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone (we’re crazy like that.)

This is your invitation! Hope to see you there!

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Swipe-to-moderate in version 3.0 of WordPress for iOS

Swipe to moderate comments

It’s that time again. Version 3.0 of WordPress for iOS is out and adds some exciting new features. Most of the changes have been under the hood so we can now start giving you great updates fast. Let’s jump into it.

What’s new?

  • Push Notifications for If you have a blog added to the app, you’ll now be able to opt in to receive push notifications of new comments, which makes it easier than ever to keep up with your readers and moderate comments on the go.
  • Swipe-to-moderate Toolbar. Swipe over any comment in the Comments list to bring up a moderation toolbar – no need to use bulk moderation or go to the comment permalink. It’s right there, and it’s fast. Another nifty change is the highlighting of new comments in the Comments list when you’ve refreshed, it makes it easy to see what’s new.
  • Vastly improved performance, especially for iPad. Version 2.9.6 was the most stable version of WordPress for iOS ever, until now. Over 44 bugs and crashes were fixed in this release.
  • Translations added for Chinese (Taiwan), Hungarian, and Polish (thanks for the translation help!)

Download version 3.0 of WordPress for iOS today.


The following contributors have worked on this release of WordPress for iOS: koke, irbrad, aerych, daniloercoli, mrroundhill, rhc3, boctor, isaackeyet – are you next?

What’s next?

Here’s what the rough road map looks like, find more and discussions on the dev blog.

Version 3.1

This release is tentatively scheduled for the end of June.

  • Sliding Panels are currently being implemented for iPad. This will allow for faster management and an easier overview of everything in the app – from posts and pages to comments, stats, settings, web dashboard access, and features.
  • A slide-out iPhone/iPod Touch Menu will allow for quicker access to the things you do the most in the app, and provide a great overview.
  • Post Formats is being added to the post editor so you can easily change the appearance of your published posts if your theme supports it.
  • A better Welcome screen to get you started quickly with the app and learn more about what it can do.
  • More iPad Stats than ever before, fully leveraging the screen space.

Version 3.x

These are some of the features/changes we’re considering for the upcoming versions of WordPress for iOS.

  • Image settings in post editor to set Title, Description, Alignment, Size, and more.
  • Simple visual editor for text formatting options.
  • Support for Galleries.
  • Improved post/page Preview.
  • Simpler access to Save Draft and other publishing settings.
  • Quick Photo with “advanced” fields such as tags, categories.
  • Push notifications for self-hosted blogs through Jetpack.
  • Support for setting Featured Images.

You should get involved right now. We’re looking for feedback on the planned features and help testing the releases with a new and active Beta Team. If you’re a developer you can get involved directly to help get these great features out quicker – learn more about how to get involved by visiting the Development section.

What are your thoughts on WordPress for iOS and the future? Tweet us @WordPressiOS or leave a comment below.


WordPress integrates Camera+
If you’re passionate about posting great photos on your blog, you might just fall in love with this new feature. If you have Camera+ 3.0 on your phone (and WordPress for iOS 2.9.5 or higher), you’ll be able to quickly post photos using the Camera+ app! Simply launch the WordPress app, and tap the Photo button.

Posting a photo from the Camera+ Lightbox is dead easy. Tap “Add Photo from Camera+,” and your phone switches to the Camera+ app – select a photo to load it into the WordPress app. Add a Title and a Description (both optional), and boom! You’re done.

Using Camera+ to snap your photo is just as easy. Tap “Take Photo with Camera+” to switch to the Camera+ app’s camera. Make a “meow” sound to locate your cat, add effects, borders, and crop your photo. When you’re done, just press “Use” and your photo is imported into the WordPress app where you can add details if you want.

What’s Next

As more camera apps open up their features for other apps, we’ll look into making more options available. Camera+ was the first to open their app up for integrations, but hopefully more will follow.

For now, the Camera+ options are only available for the Photo button on iPhone, but we’re hoping to add it to the Post Editor very soon as well. If you don’t have Camera+ on your phone, the options simply won’t be shown. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news first.

Do you use Camera+, or another camera app? Please let us know in the comments!


Over the last few versions of WordPress for iOS, we’ve been able to eliminiate more than 75% of the crashes reported. While a lot of work remains to make the app as stable as we want it to be, we wanted to share the chart below which details the number of crashes per app version over the last 5 months.

WordPress for iOS 2.8 will soon become available, which has further stability improvements as well as some exciting new features.

Be sure to follow @WordPressiOS on Twitter for the latest news.


Version 2.7.2 of the WordPress for iOS app just became available on the App Store. It fixes a number of lingering crashes and bugs. All in all 28 crash/bug reports were closed in this release:

  • Fixed crash when the password had a space, on comment moderation, plus 7 more.
  • Several bugfixes.
  • Use blavatars instead of favicons.
  • XML-RPC fix for self-hosted blogs. (Note: if you were unable to use 2.7.1, you should be able to use this version!)

Check out the Trac milestone for the complete list.

What’s next?

With the app being much more stable, it’s time to make up for lost ground. We have an agressive release schedule laid out for 2011, in which we’re hoping to add many of the things you’ve been asking about. We’re currently hard at work with WordPress for iOS 2.8 – the next major release of WordPress for iOS.

The most important to-do in the 2.8 road map is Localization. WordPress for iOS will now become much more accessible for many users. 2.8 will also introduce a Stats view (finally!), a Quick Photo button, as well as a few more nifty improvements.

We’ll never stop improving the app, wether it be fixing issues or enhancing functionality.

So, what would you like to see next?


Hey all! While 2.6.3 has proven to be much more of a solid release, fixing numerous bugs, we’re not going to rest. There are issues still remaining, many of you are reporting problems with the media uploader, among other things. We’re doing our best to track the cause of these bugs down, and we’re hoping 2.6.4 will be available the first week of 2011.

I wanted to let you know that we take your feedback very seriously, wether it’s in the App Store itself, here on this blog, on Twitter, in a review on your own site, in the forums, or anywhere else you may post it. We get a bit overwhelmed from time to time, but are trying to get better at responding to every single one of you.

Remember that all the WordPress apps are in fact Open Source, so if you want to help us out and make the iOS app even better, head over to the Development section of this site to get started.

Don’t forget to rate the app if you like the improvements and fixes!

Happy Holidays // The WordPress Mobile Projects Team